"Red, in doorway" #wip

"Red, in doorway", 2014, oil on canvas, 30"x30"

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"Preening (In the Loop)"

This piece is titled "Preening (In the Loop)", it is oil on canvas and measures 24"x36". It is currently on display at the Logan Square Chicago Diner if you'd like to see it in person and get some rad vegan food between now and September 22.

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Rooster, ready to varnish

"Rooster" 44"x66", oil on canvas, 2011-2014



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Working up from a pretty humble start on "Puffin..." #WIP

"Puffin, his chest out" 2014, oil and charcoal on canvas, 24"x36" (WIP)

This is a painting of a puffin at a bar. From the rust belt, he’s tired of being something he’s not. This piece is a work in progress. The piece measures 2’x3’; mediums used are charcoal and oil paint, and the canvas is Blick Premier (1 3/8” profile stretcher).The piece is pretty calm and meditative, and will continue to progress in this direction.

I like the simplicity of this piece. It is a bit of a mashup of two other pieces: "Rooster" (2011-2014), and "Barfly" (2002)

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Hoping to get closer to varnishing Spectral Ligature #wip

I am about to start working again on "Spectral Ligature" soon, and I realized I didn't have an update live about this piece. Currently, I have added probably the last content element to the painting. The narrative elements to the piece have really come along and portray a complex story. This piece is all oil on canvas, 44"x66" and represents a span of work over time from 2011-2014.