Marker on Paper Gallery is up

New gallery up of recent pieces using Marker on Paper. Primarily, I used Molotow ink on Canson's Marker Pro Layout paper (great paper - slightly translucent, lightweight, greedily mops up ink, and doesn't bleed).

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new paintings, a workflow, milestones

I currently have more than 2 paintings listed. I am pretty proud of this number. And all the pictures are up to date! Anyway, here's some widget for your Etsy listings from a group called Craft Cult:

(I know, it is totally gimicky and should have its own block on the page, but I don't know if I really want to set aside that much real estate.)

You can get one of these for your own Etsy shop here. I'm also very excited to have hit 100 views with Rooster. I know its a modest number, especially considering its time live, but all the same it seems like a milestone.

Next milestones are:

  • close of weekend
    • finish researching painting backlog of questions (storage, vegan varnishes, studio space, etc)
    • atend Chicago Creative Expo, and workshops
    • get pricing at Fulton Street Collective
  • end of month
    • identify 2-3 calls for artists
    • finish drafting research materials as blog posts
    • publish 2 research materials as blog posts 
  • end of april
    • an item with 250 views
    • get one piece "ready to hang" done

You'll notice a bunch of tags on here: art, chicago, creative, painting, research, milestones, backlog, things to do, how-to-art, etsy. I want to bring attention to the `how-to-art` tag; I am not an expert in how-to-art, and I have trouble googling for these kind of people who are good at it. So I hope that this tag, and the nom-brow category (I will probably need to tailor that as well) can help to serve in making these issues visible to google.

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#quickfood - Hot Cashew Noodle Bowl

This is a new favorite lunch of mine. It is dead simple and only needs a few ingredients. There are few things better than recipes that remind you of why a cast iron skillet means love. I don't currently have a wok, which would almost certainly make this even better, but a skillet does just fine.

This bowl has a lovely smooth brooth and a creamy mouthfeel. The noodles cling to the broth and carry the flavor wonderfully. You can skip eating the tien tsin peppers, but I find them super fun. This is fun to make, and turns out a great bowl of food.

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@Minimalistbaker is rad

Super easy cheesecakes (raw/vegan/gf) from Minimalist Baker.

Very glad I went with the recipe from there on Monday for black bean brownies; even more glad I went back for more. I've been on a veritable spree and will  now need to back away. But then this.

Anyway. Back in a former life when I lived in Columbus, and while I was working with Dreamsfood, I had the great pleasure of working with Portia from Portia's Cafe/Creations. She made vegan spanikopita, flan, and worked on the Helping Hands benefit to make two sheets of vegan lasagna (one gluten free). This recipe reminded me of the simple elegance of her work. The craft and care that goes into these items is not to be underestimated.

I have twice now made some food from Minimalist Baker.  Their ethic is clear, precise, and so far it appears to just work without waver. 


Yellow Curry to get rid of mashed potatoes

Damn. What am I going to do with these potatoes, the ones with sprouts in the cupboard and the mashed ones defrosting in the fridge?

Curry. Or whatever you want to call this carnage:

Sure. You can always make a bunch of mashed potatoes with excess potatoes and freeze them. But what do you do when you go to do that and you already have a bunch of refugees from a similar effort in the freezer?

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